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About Us

Here at Ashes & Smoke, we are passionate about keeping your chimneys and flues safe and working effectively. Without being swept out, tar, ash and creosote deposits (not to mention bird's nests) cause a serious fire risk and can lead to a dangerous build up of toxic gases including carbon monoxide.


Chimney fires are one of the biggest causes of house fires in the UK, over 30,000 every year, causing untold damage to property, and in some cases loss of life.


We are fully CRB checked and fully insured. We take our work and your home very seriously and will always explain every procedure to you before we start.










We are trained by and registered with the National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS), which provides extremely thorough training, rigorous assessments

and high standards for all its chimney sweeps.


Your chimney should be swept and checked regularly to prevent house fires and dangerous emissions of gas.


If you burn:


  • wood - you should have your chimney swept every 3 months when in use

  • coal - you should have your chimney swept at least every 6 months when in use

  • smokeless fuels - you should have your chimney swept at least once a year

Recommended Suppliers






Recommended Fuels


Best woods to burn:


  • Ash

  • Beech

  • Birch

  • Hawthorn

  • Oak

  • Pear

  • Maple

  • Plum

  • Thorn

  • Apple

  • Hornbeam

  • Hazel

  • Cherry

  • Cedar


Avoid burning these woods:


  • Poplar

  • Laburnum

  • Treated woods

  • Tanalised woods

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