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We provide an exceptional service sweeping & maintaining all types of chimneys, open fire, multi-fuel stove or wood burner. All our prices include smoke evacuation checks & certificates for your home insurance.


Ashes & Smoke also specialises in bird's nest removal, adhering to the latest advice from the RSPB to ensure the most effective and humane removal of any blockage from flues  and chimneys.


Maintaining your wood burner is essential to safely heat your home. Ashes & Smoke can provide a full clean and maintenance check to ensure safe and beautiful fires all year round.


We can also provide a training session on how to use your fire or wood burner safely and effectively. If you've just moved in to a new home with a fire or stove and have no idea where to start, then give Ashes & Smoke a ring to book an enjoyable and comprehensive demonstration and training session of all the basic skills you'll need.

Our specialist CCTV camera equipment can also be used to identify any blockages or damage inside your chimney or flue, and we can also provide you with a chimney survey for insurance purposes.

Our callout fees start from just £45. Callout fees may be applicable if the appliance is unsafe or we are unable to sweep it - we will keep you fully informed during our appointment.  


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